Re: examples don't show that entities are deprecated

Hi Bill,

> I wonder what is the reason for deprecating "π" and friends.
> Surely, not concern about parser over-heating ( :-\ ).  And then
> what is the difference?

I hope David Carlisle will have time to give the full technical
answer, but as I understand it, the reason for deprecating entity
references has to do with creating a serviceable schema for MathML.
W3C is solidly behind schemas (which are a good idea) and we were
strongly encouraged to do what we could to fit in with that.
Unfortunately, that meant switching to a <mchar name="foo"/> syntax
instead of using entity declarations such as &foo;.

I personally hate it, and think it is a pretty clear indication that
there is some weakness with both DTDs and schemas.  But a) I'm not an
expert, and b) I also know better than to think this is a fight we
could win.


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Received on Wednesday, 26 April 2000 12:09:57 UTC