Re: political strategy for MathML

Robert --

Thanks for your reply.

> Given your views on open source software (I did notice the
> word 'share') I expect you will discount this, but one of the WebEQ
> tools is designed to be used as a server module, doing the down
> translation of documents on the fly. 

Please don't overstate my views about proprietary software.
CAS is one area where I think that the concept of proprietary
software sometimes makes sense.  I have used such products,
and I even once wrote a pedagogical package for one.

After all, a comprehensive CAS is necessarily a very complicated

It's just that I do not want to think about using it as a substitute
for TeX.

Question: Am I correct that the WebEQ input language is just for
MathML segments?


                                     -- Bill

Received on Friday, 29 October 1999 12:34:02 UTC