Re: LeftRightArrow equivalence operator?

Hi Hugh,

> Thanks for your reply and for your work on MathML.
> Sorry if my question was not clear.
> I found the Unicode character and the MathML alias I was looking for,
> but I guess I was asking more about MathML,
> where's the content mark-up element for "equivalence", "biconditional"?

Ah, now I understand.  It was I who was missing something...

Your suggestion is a very good one.  I agree.  I should double check
before making a promise, but I am pretty confident that "equivalence"
is slated for addition as a content logic operator in the next
revision of the spec.

The working group has set itself the task of getting out
a draft  by the time we next meeting in early November.  This next
revision (version 2.0) will be the last one for a while, since the
W3C Math group's charter runs out in February. 


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