Re: browser integration

Hi Andreas,

> Uhm...  e-Lite does not seem to be listed on the MathML page
>, which is where I always go for links to
> implementations.
> BTW:  REDUCE 3.7 (just released) also supports MathML now
> (, while you're having someone edit
> that page...

Thanks for noticing the out of date info on the W3C Math pages.  I have
both of these listed on Geometry Technologies MathML resource list
though I didn't have the latest REDUCE reference:

In any event, the E-Lite reference is

I'm not really on webmaster duty anymore for the W3C math pages, but I
think I can go ahead and make those changes.  We'll see if I still
have the necessary permissions...


Received on Thursday, 20 May 1999 18:30:19 UTC