Amaya examples <fwd>

Dear Ms Vatton and www-math,
    I am a university physics teacher anxious to use MathML in a 
teaching environment, and I wish to strongly support your efforts to 
popularise MathML with the release of Amaya. However there seems to be 
a problem with the examples you have provided. Your version of 
Maxwell's Equations lacks the essential gaps between the four equations 
which are vital for them to be mathematically meaningful. This is true 
of your screen shot and of the rendering produced by the Amaya browser.
    I am using Windows NT, but so basic a problem as the absence of 
gaps in the screen shot gif file surely cannot depend on the details of 
my installation. I very strongly urge you to correct this unfortunate 
error, which is likely to cause a completely unwarranted negative 
response amongst your target audience.
               again my best wishes for your excellent project

Bob Tapper

Received on Tuesday, 20 July 1999 05:19:02 UTC