UMI Dissertation Abstracts

The UMI Dissertation Abstracts Service at
has started to "translate" mathematics dissertation abstracts
from TeX into some very weird markup language on their web pages.
Here's a sample:

<math> <f> <g>4</g></f> </math> is a complex-valued function such that
<math><f> <g>4</g><fen lp='par'><g>n</g><rp post='par'></fen>&isin;<rm> 
L<sup>1</sup></rm><fen lp='par'><blkbd>R</blkbd><rp post='par'></fen>
<hsp sp='0.212'><rm>&cap;<hsp sp='0.212'></rm><hsp sp='0.212'> 
<rm>L<sup><mit>s</mit></sup></rm><fen lp='par'><blkbd>R</blkbd> 
<rp post='par'></fen><hsp sp='0.212'><rm><hsp sp='0.212'><mit> 
<rm></rm></mit></rm></f> </math> for some <math> <f> s&gt;1</f> </math>; 

No browser I've tried can make any sense of this.

While I have only a passing familiarity with MathML, this does not
look anything like MathML to me.

Does anyone recognize this?

Zbigniew Fiedorowicz

Received on Monday, 5 July 1999 12:51:39 UTC