12th OpenMath Workshop

           12th OpenMath Workshop
        Technical University Eindhoven
                15-16 June 1999

The 12th OpenMath Workshop is a meeting place for developers and users
of the OpenMath standard. It is an occasion for presenting the recent
developments and applications of OpenMath and for suggesting new

OpenMath is an emerging standard for communicating semantically-rich
representations of mathematical objects between all kinds of computer
programs. The communication can take place between software packages
and on the World Wide Web. The associated tools will permit the
display, manipulation and access of mathematical information stored
electronically.  OpenMath is highly relevant for working with large
engineering type databases (in heavy industry like aerospace, car
manufacturing, e.g.) as well as for technical and mathematical

OpenMath intends to provide standards for mechanisms which permit the
interactive manipulation of mathematical objects inside a web browser.
So far they were not available, despite the overwhelming prevalence of
web-based technology.


The theme of the workshop is OpenMath and all its aspects. All
submissions within the scope will be considered. Papers and extended
abstract on the following topics are especially welcome.

         * Improvements of the OpenMath standard, 
         * Encodings of OpenMath objects, 
         * newly developed Content Dictionaries,
         * Phrasebooks for software packages, 
         * Applications and Plug-ins using OpenMath,
         * OpenMath Tools,
         * Interactions of OpenMath with similar technologies (e.g. MathML),
         * Proposals to OpenMath.

Related Events

The workshop is taking place soon after the "Seminar on OpenMath 
for Industry" in Amsterdam on June 11, 1999. More detailed 
information concerning this event can be found at the webpage

Invited Speakers

Two invited lectures on topics that are relevant to OpenMath will
be planned as part of the program of the workshop. 


Papers may be up to 10 pages in length and extended abstract up to 5
pages. A cover sheet must display the author's name, institution,
email and postal adresses, and an abstract. Systems demonstrations are
also invited. Authors must state in the cover sheet whether they
intend to offer a demonstration of a running system.  Submissions
should be sent electronically, in (La)TeX source, or as an HTML
document to the Program Chair: wsom99@win.tue.nl before May 1.
The submissions will either be accepted or rejected for presentation
by the program committee before May 15. Final versions of accepted
papers will be due by May 30. Accepted papers will appear in the
informal proceedings of the workshop and will be made available via
the OpenMath Society Web Site, provided the authors agree.  This
enables authors to submit their work also to journals or conferences
with a proper refereeing procedure. The main role of the program
committee will be to filter the submissions so as to ensure a balanced
workshop and good quality contributions.

Program Committee

Stephen Braham (Simon Fraser University, CA)
Stephen Buswell (Stilo Ldt, UK)
Arjeh M. Cohen  (Technology Univ. Eindhoven, NL)
James H. Davenport (Univ. of Bath, UK)
Michael Dewar (NAG Ldt, UK)
Gaston Gonnet (ETH-Zurich, CH)

Program Chair

Arjeh M. Cohen <amc@win.tue.nl>
Technical Univ. Eindhoven, 
Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science
Postbus 513
5600 MB Eindhoven, (The Netherlands) 
Tel: (NL) +40 247 4270 
Fax: (NL) +40 243 5810 


Online registration is available at the workshop website

Early registration fee is EUR 100 (NLG 220), for those who register
before May 15. Late registration is EUR 125 (NLG 275). Members of the
OpenMath Society will receive a discount of 50 EUR (NLG 110).

Secretary                          Local Organization
---------                          ------------------

Marianne Jonker                    Olga Caprotti <olga@win.tue.nl>

RIACA, Research Inst. for          RIACA, Research Inst. for
Applications of Computer Algebra   Applications of Computer
T.U.E. Postbus 513                 Algebra T.U.E. Postbus 513
5600 MB Eindhoven, (The            5600 MB Eindhoven, (The
Netherlands)                       Netherlands)
Tel: (NL) +40 247 4231             Tel: (NL) +40 247 5162
Fax: (NL) +40 244 2489             Fax: (NL) +40 244 2489


                             Registration Form

     Completion of this form implies a commitment to pay the
     registration fee.

     Early registration fee is EUR 100 (NLG 220), for those 
     who register before May 15. Late registration is EUR 125 
     (NLG 275). Members of the OpenMath Society will receive 
     a discount of 50 EUR (NLG 110).
     We accept payments by all major credit cards (Visa, 
     EuroCard, Diners, American Express), by bank deposit and 
     by cash on arrival.

     Payments by bank deposit should be done to the account

                   Stichting CAN inzake RIACA
                   ABN-AMRO Eindhoven

     To register, fill-out this form and send it, by fax or post to

                   Marianne Jonker,
                   RIACA, Dept. W&I,
                   Technical University of Eindhoven,
                   Postbus 513, 5600MB Eindhoven (NL),
                   fax.  +31-40-2435810.


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