Re: What are your plans for MathML macros?

---Ian Hutchinson <> wrote:
> Let's try and bring some clarity here.
> The issue: 	MathML is too verbose and complicated to author directly.
> Better approach: Generate STANDARD MathML by translation from a
> 	in which authoring mathematics is relatively easy. TeX is the
> 	natural choice, and means that only one source file would be
> 	necessary, though naturally the MathML version would be the 
> 	web-published version.

I am guessing that you mean this:

1) Author writes document in which equations are written in TeX.
2) Author runs document through translator that translates equations
into MathML.
3) Author keeps the original document and distributes the MathML

The trouble I see with this approach is that it means that you really
have *two* "source files" that you have to keep track of, one for
private use, and one for distribution or further conversion to other
forms. If you change the original file, you have to remember to
translate it again. Also, it takes roughly twice the disk space. If
two or more people work on the file, which one do they use? These
problems aren't exactly showstoppers, I know, but that still means you
have _two_ files to maintain.


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