Re: What are your plans for MathML macros?

The expectations are that MathML will for the most part be written by tools
that will look something like the current Scientific Word or MathType.  The
most natural design for these tools is to parse the MathML and to change the
tree as the user makes changes.  Any macro information will likely be lost
when the resulting tree is written out as MathML.  Macros are essentially
incompatible with these tools.

--Barry MacKichan
President, MacKichan Software, Inc.

James Ramsey wrote:

Subject: What are your plans for MathML macros?

>I noticed that in the specifications for MathML, there were plans to
>implement macros in order to allow hand-coding of MathML to be much
>easier. Do you plan to have the macros for MathML only be XML-type
>tags, or do you plan to allow the user to be able to do something like
>let  "[" and "]" stand for the <apply> and </apply> tags or let "+"
>stand for <plus/>, etc. I know this would break the XML rules, but I
>think it might be a good idea to only require the low-level MathML
>tags to be XML-compliant, and let the macro implementation allow for
>notations similar to TeX or EzMath.

Received on Wednesday, 28 October 1998 12:14:32 UTC