Re: TrueType Fonts for MATH?

>Thank you, Robert, Rafael and Michael.
>I checked the fonts you have pointed, but ...
>As I understand Amaya and WebEq use only Symbol font for their math. And
>TechExplorer can use some commercial fonts. Is there really no
>freeware/shareware fonts for math symbols?
>    Kostya

Have you looked at the Mathematica fonts?  There are over 700 characters
in them, they are high-quality, professionally hinted true type fonts.
They are free for use, but can't be sold or distributed without permission
[that's my memory -- supposedly there is an official answer on Wolfram Research
FAQ page, but I didn't see it].  If you don't have Mathematica, you can
download MathReader for free ( and the fonts are part of that

On, there is some virtual font "stuff" so that you
can use the matematica fonts with LaTeX2e (and I assume, LaTeX3).

	Neil Soiffer

Received on Monday, 12 October 1998 16:30:50 UTC