Re: Change list MathML 980224 -> 980407?

Dear Olle,

Thank you very much for struggling through the PR.  You will be glad to know that though there are changes in the final REC version there are not very many. However, it is true that a change list is lacking at the moment.
We will be showing errata relative to the present REC prominently in the future, as they are sure to come up.

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		Patrick Ion

At 2:37 PM +0100 4/30/98, Olle Järnefors wrote:
>I have struggled through large parts of the proposed recommendation for
>MathML of 24 Feb. 1998. The final recommendation of 7 Apr. 1998 seems
>to lack change bars. Is there a list or summary of the changes made
>between these two versions?
>Olle Järnefors, Stockholm, Sweden
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