Re: Collapsing Whitespace in Input

On Mon, 23 Mar 1998, Bruce Smith wrote:

> This problem should be clarified somehow in the final release.
> One possibility is to strike that incorrect sentence,
> and suggest instead that zero-width entities can be added around
> or between whitespace characters that should not be collapsed,
> e.g.
>   <mtext>Theorem 1: &ZeroWidthSpace;</mtext>
> or (for two spaces in the middle)
>   <mtext>Theorem &ZeroWidthSpace; 1:</mtext>
> Another possibility is to add an attribute to prevent the collapsing.
> I vaguely recall such an attribute being suggested in some version
> of the XML proposal.

I think you are referring to the `xml:space' attribute

<!ATTLIST mtext xml:space (default|preserve) 'default'>

<mtext xml:space="preserve">Theorem  1: </mtext>

This attribute will have to be added to the DTD for all applicable

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