Re: mistakes in manual

Hi Kostya!

> Is there some kind of list of misprints and mistakes in
> MML manual there?
> I think I have found some:
> Some Entities are found only in Appendix C (e.g. ⎵) - no
> other explanation

I have almost got an errata page ready to go for the MathML spec.
I'll try to get it online in the next couple weeks.  I also think the
UnderBracket discrepancy is an error.

> <logbase> element not found in list of content elements
> <none/> element not found in list of presentation elements

I think this is a mistake as well.

> I need some MML files with corresponding images to test an MML
> reader/renderer.  Samples from the manual a very simple.  Does anyone
> know where to get it?

There are a couple of things to say here.  First, if you download
WebEQ, from

you can generate examples for yourself.  There are still a few
non-standard things about it, but its pretty good.

Second, Ross Moore has recently been adding MathML support to
LaTeX2HTML.  It still uses WebEQ to generate the MathML, but it does
some PERL pre-processing in order to translate true LaTeX into
MathML.   You can check out his examples at

Robert Miner

Received on Friday, 24 July 1998 19:22:45 UTC