Adult Webmasters... Do You Need Fresh Content???

Dear Web Master/Mistress,

As an Adult Site Owner, the one thing that keeps us in business
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There are many ways to get new content.

You can search the Net, and illegally take it from other sites, or
create your own!  These methods are not practical.

First, members don't want to see the same material they get on every
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their own content!

Web Entertainment Group, Inc. has your solution. We have put
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Now is the time to add new content to your site with the following
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WEG Combo Pack
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Get the following titles:
WEG Photo shoot Vol. I
WEG Comics Vol. I & II

(If bought separately - total comes to $859.90)

Plus there are new WEG, Inc. titles coming out every month and other
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02-5-98 WEG Photo Shoot Vol. II       $ 200.00 (licence included)
02-20-98 WEG MPEG Vol. IV             $ 200.00 (licence included)

For information regarding any of our other original collections,
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If you have any question, please feel free to drop us a line:

Web Entertainment Group, Inc. respects your online time and Internet privacy! This is a one time only solicitation, your address will be deleted from our files. Thank you!

Received on Monday, 16 February 1998 11:13:38 UTC