Re: Review of WWW Mathematics Browsers, MathML and HTML.

Dear Ian,

Thanks for the URL.  

Esthetic judgements aside, I suspect most of the specific problems you
encountered with elite were due to the fact that ICESoft did us a
favor and hurried to include WebEQ in time for JavaWorld. As a result,
it is using WebEQ 2.2, from before the MathML spec came out, and
consequently it has lots of little problems.  They are in the process
of switching over to 2.3.  There will still be a few symbols missing,
but everything else should be fixed.  Memory size and speed will be
harder to improve.

Of course, wearing my MathML hat, the most significant thing about
your article is that it announces TtHMML.  That is very good news.  Is
there a URL you are willing to point to?


Received on Sunday, 20 December 1998 21:37:11 UTC