Re: MathML

>I have a few questions for MathML users.

Probably the reason for no response so far is that, at this time, there
are probably no MathML users yet...

>First of all, let me introduce myself.  I am Jason Thomason and I am a
>student and work for the Univeristy of Illinois Mathematics Department.
>We offer a distance education program where students can take many
>different math classes over the internet.  Everything works fine except
>for the online quizzes.
>I am looking for a way to be able to write mathematical notation in a
>browser. Now, MathML seems to be ideal for this.  The only problem is that
>I am not sure whaty type of browser to use.  Also, should I try to tackle
>the code on my own, or should I use an application that will prepare the
>code for me?
>Please let me know whatever you can.
>Thank you very much,
>Jason Thomason

I agree with you that MathML is the way to go.  However, the tools to use
it and the environment that it will work in are still very much in a state
of flux.  The current state of the tools is, at best, at a "beta" stage
[no offense is intended to the authors of these tools who have worked quite
hard to get anything to work in a short period of time].  If your time
frame in which you need a solution is less than six months, than (IMHO) MathML
is *not* a good solution and I don't know what is.  If your time frame 
is greater than a year, than I think it is a good solution and you will
see a number of good tools out there for authoring MathML.  In between
6 months and a year, you are taking your chances.

For a list of MathML tools, see

I hope this info, though maybe not too encouraging, is of some use,

	Neil Soiffer

Received on Wednesday, 2 December 1998 21:38:35 UTC