Re: POST using libwww 5.1b

I have met the same problem before. Then I changed to libwww5.0a. It's
okay with post method.

The 5.1b version seems unwilling to read the server's reply after
posting. But I am still baffled with the exact reason. 

>Xun Cheng wrote:

>I'm having problem implementing form posting using libwww 5.1b.
>It's the same error when I was using w3c to post.

>w3c -post http://ella.cs.ucsb.edu:8000/cgi-bin/pe2 -form name=xun
>Looking up ella.cs.ucsb.edu
>Contacting ella.cs.ucsb.edu

>(wait there forever)


Zhang Xun

Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
Southeast University, Nanjing, PRC