letter to Diana's familly

<html><head></head><BODY bgcolor=3D"#FFFFFF"><p><font size=3D3 =
color=3D"#800080" face=3D"BrushStroke">Dear Royal family, =
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br> &nbsp;&nbsp;My heart goes out to you all. I =
admired Diama like alot of people in this &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;country. I =
have always admired the Royal Family.People always said that my own =
mother looks like Qween Elizebeth. I feel so bad for the Roual Family =
and<br>Diana's family. My prayers are with them.I admired her beauty and =
her charm. I named my second daughter after her 15 years ago. I hpoe =
that PrinceWilliam and Prince Harry will have the strengh and courage to =
go on just like their mother. What a very famous lady she was and always =
will be.Iknow she has a special place in heaven where there is no more =
pain and saddness .<br><br> =
p;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Ann Marie =
Beaudry<br>&#009;&#009;&#009;&#009;&#009;&#009;Sudbury Ont. =
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