People, please don't send requests for people to stop sending this to the
list.  They are almost certainly not reading and are not subscribers;
there is probably some site somewhere out there that is listing the list
address as the place to send messages.  If we could see the original
headers (ie. before being processed by the list software), we could
probably figure out where.

If you really want to stop these messages, send a polite note to the
people sending them asking where they got their information about where to
send such things to.

On Mon, 1 Sep 1997, Wilbur Streett wrote:

> >my heart is very sad over the death of Princess Diana. i find this very
> >hard to imagine thatthis wonderfull person is dead, her childern with
> >have to grow-up with out her.she will be sorrowfully missed by every one
> >world wide. i have watched Diana from the of her engagement to the
> >prince, to now, i admired her very much. as a woman, wife, and mother
> >she dealt with many things with much grace, nomatter how difficult it
> >got.
> Why would you think that this is appropriate or even accurate?
> Why do you have sympathy for a television projected personna?
> Why do you persist in posting this sympathy message to a technical list?
> Why do you persist in wasting the audiences time and trying their patience?
> Wilbur
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