Re: Heartfelt sympathy

At 11:21 9/1/97, Judyth K. Sweet wrote:
>X-MSMail-Priority: High
>X-Priority: 1

are you out of your mind to send this crap with to a technical mailing list
with the high priority flags set ?? this is an extreme abuse of mailing
list infrastructure.

>Prince William and Prince Harry,

they are almost certainly _not_ reading this mailing list. sending your
note here is entirely pointless. you have more of a chance letting them
know what you feel by sending it to the appropriate persons directly, using
snail mail if necessary.

>I feel devestated for your profound loss of your dearest mother. She
>touched all our hearts in a way that is forever lasting.
>May our Precious Lord Jesus Christ be with you both to comfort you and
>ease the pain tearing at your hearts. Our Lord promises us in the Bible, He
>would not leave us without a Comforter, rest in this belief, and the belief
>that you both were dearly loved.
>In Christ Jesus,
>Judyth Sweet

in short, could all you religious nuts please _stop_ to waste bandwidth on
this (and other) technical mailing lists ?
thanx for reverting to a more rational behaviour.

Markus Krummenacker