Targeted OPT-IN Email Marketing

Dear Webmaster:

What's the most effective   "PUSH" technology  available?...   It's
e-mail... And Targ-it.com (www.targ-it.com) is the leader in email

We are NOT talking SPAM here! Targ-It's targeted e-mail lists are
generated in an OPT-IN manner. That means that every one of the
recipients has specifically requested mail relating to a particualr
topic. They WANT your e-mail. Our mailing list recipients trust us
and know that they will receive only mail messages in topics that
they have expressed an interest in (500 different categories, both
business and consumer lists). Targ-it.com has a list that will work
for YOU.

 Build Traffic To Your Site
 Provide a Direct Marketing Offer
 Announce a new Product or Service
 Build Brand Awareness

TARG-IT.COM (www.targ-it.com) takes care of everything. Visit our
site and browse  through the lists we have available from reputable
vendors. TO ORDER simply select the appropriate list and give us a
call at 1-800-webpro-1. We will put together several pricing options
for you, answer any questions and provide some tips  that will help
you write an effective message for your e-mail campaign. 

Here's what a few of today's leading business   publications are
saying about bulk email as a marketing tool. Advertising Age: "Blows
away traditional bulk mailing" Crains: "E-mail is an incredible lead
generation tool" New   York Times: "A gold mine for those who can
take advantage of Bulk E-mail".

So visit out site (www.targ-it.com) and call us today.  Make an email
campaign part of your Internet marketing strategy.  And don't forget
to try our FREE detective service found at our Did-It site

The Targ-it.com Team