Downloading a file through a proxy


I'm new in using the www-lib and I would like to have some help.
I am using the function HTLoadToFile. When I do this whith a direct
connection to an HTTP server, there is no probleme and the requested URL
is saved into the specified file. But when I configure a proxy server,
this function asks me for a new filename while running and doesn't save
the URL in the file specified in source code but in this new one.

I need to use the proxy (which is used as a firewall) but I don't want
this question asked and I want my program to use the filename specified
in the source code. I haven't found the answer in the documentation so I
ask the question here ...

Think's in advance (and forgive my poor english),
Olivier Pasco
Email perso : pasco@club-internet.fr / prof. : olivier_pasco@effix.fr
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PS : if someone knows how to uncompress a file while downloading it, I
would be happy to learn ...