Direct WAIS access support in libwww.

	Hello, All!

   I've failed to utilize direct WAIS access support in libwww-5.0a
 (libwww-5.1* just don't work for me on Linux --- they fail in deadloop).
 HTWAIS.c in libwww-5.0a appeared to be 2 year old --- last change note
 was dated by 1995, so I decided to try to adapt it to current 5.0a.
 The attached file w3c-libwww-5.0a.QL.gz is the compressed diffs I've made
 to libwww-5.0a.
   There was no HTWAIS.h in 5.0a at all and I just got one from libwww-5.1b.

   I have not corrected autoconfiguration stuff in the top directory
 (main `configure' script), as I beleived libwww maintainers knew better
 how to make proper changes to it.

   To include direct WAIS access stuff in libwww one should provide
 `--with-wais' command line option to main libwww `configure' script
 AND set CFLAGS and WAISPATH environment variables as described below:
   E.g. if freeWAIS distribution is in /tmp/freeWAIS-0.5/
        then one should set these variables in `configure' environment to:
             CFLAGS="$CFLAGS -I/tmp/freeWAIS-0.5/"

   Hope you will find my patch usefull and improve it.

   Thank you.

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