Re: FTP errors

In your message from [Tue, 3 Jun 1997 16:28:44 -0700 (PDT)] David Lee wrote:
: I need some help in extracting  errors while looking up an
: FTP URL (e.g. ftp://ftp.hp.com/) using the latest WWWLib.


: To get the error I do:
: HTList *list TRequest_error(request);
: info HTError *) HTList_nextObject(list);
: index TError_index(info);
: while (info HTError *) HTList_nextObject(list))
: {
: 	 index TError_index(info);
: 	 status TErrors[index].code;
: 	 fprintf(stderr,"index] status] msg\\n", index, status,
: HTErrors[index].msg);
: }
: This works fine for HTTP URLs.


: If the list ptr is 0x0 for FTP URLs, how do I check for errors while
: visiting a FTP URL? Do I need a different process for visiting FTP
: URLs than the above which I'm using for HTTP URLs? Do I need to set
: some special flag to get back FTP errors? This wasn't obvious from
: looking at the docs and example codes.
: Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  There is nothing wrong in your code (IMHO).
  Errors messages are registered by libwww using the command:


  The problem is that the FTP module only registers errors for invalid
  connects to a FTP site, while the the HTTP module is much more verbose:

     mohegan:Library/src> fgrep HTRequest_addError *HTTP.c| wc -l
     mohegan:Library/src> fgrep HTRequest_addError *FTP.c | wc -l

  one of the two occurances of addError in the FTP module is actually
  commented out....

  To obtain better errors for FTP it is necessary to extend HTFTP.c

 hope this helps
 -gustaf neumann
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