Compile Error with SUN C++ 4.1

Hi, all

I am trying to compile my C++ application program with libwww5.1b using SUN C++4.1 (on
Solaris 5.5.1), but the CC emits this error:

"Linkage specifications are allowed only at file level. (wwwlib.h)"

which points to line 26:
	extern "c" {

I have checked up the mailing archive. Am I missing something?  Any hints or advices will
be appriecated. 

(BTW the reason I don't use Jigsaw for my client development  is that my application is
written in C++ and it seems hard for C++ to invoke Java codes. So, in that sense, libwww
is still important for portability support.)

Thank in advance

Zhang Xun

CERNET Eastern China (north) Regional Network Center
Southeast University
Nanjing, Jiangsu