How to POST?

	I have read through much of the documentation for libwww and w3c and
have tried many attempts at posting data to a cgi script with no
success.  It seems many people are asking the same questions on POSTing
and no one seems to be answering them.  There are excellent examples on
how to GET a document within the Examples directory for libwww but no
examples on how to retrieve the output returned from a POST.  Someone
pleeeease post a response to this question on the www-lib@w3.org mailing
list so that it will be answered once and for all.
	In particular, could someone post a simple C program that works exactly
like chunk.c but which allows a user to POST values in an HTML form to a
cgi and then retrieves the server's response to the posting into a
string.  I have been trying to retrieve the response from the simple
NCSA post-query cgi after performing a POST and have not been able to
get a proper response from this cgi.  Any help would be greatly

Thanks in advance,
John Stewart