Re: HTTP 1.1, PROXY, close connection

 Dear libwww experts,
 it seems as i found a simple bug fix to the problem concerning 
 the handling of "Connection: close" in a reply coming from
 a proxy (see my last mail for details).

 The fix is to set the mode field in the host structure to 
 HT_TP_SINGLE when the close is flagged by the proxy server.
 Using "HTHost_setMode (host, HT_TP_SINGLE)"  does not work,
 since this function will try to move the currently active main request (as well 
 as all other requests in the pipeline) to the pending list, which actually 
 kills the main request. In my case it would be correct to move all but
 the first request, but are there other cases?
 Is it ok with the libwww gurus to use my brute force approach,
 or should HTHost_setMode() be modified accordingly. 
 Best regards

 -gustaf neumann
PS: the line numbers might differ due to the other bugfix i sent recently 
--- w3c-libwww-5.1b/Library/src/HTHost.c.ORIG   Sat Apr  5 02:26:19 1997
+++ w3c-libwww-5.1b/Library/src/HTHost.c        Sun May  4 21:02:35 1997
@@ -663,11 +670,15 @@
 PUBLIC BOOL HTHost_setCloseNotification (HTHost * host, BOOL mode)
     if (host) {
        host->close_notification = mode;
-       return NO;
+       if (mode == YES) {
+           /*HTHost_setMode (host, HT_TP_SINGLE);*/
+           host->mode = HT_TP_SINGLE;
+        }
+       return YES;
     return NO;

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