Re: FTP: what does libwww provide?


According to a talk I once had with Henrik, the libwww/ftp is a bit old
and must be updated.

Concerning your project:

>I need to get some basic FTP functionality for my app (upload, download,
>perform "ls", etc...)  Almost none of the code I've tried to compile has
>linked and even less has done anything meaningfull.

I've managed under Amaya to do file downloads. It's not possible to do ftp
file uploads, unless you upgrade the code. Also, I've detected a problem
using the libwww/ftp code under a Sparc Ultra, concerning the authentication
exchange. I haven't had time to explore it in more detail. Finally, I think
I had some problems to read files which were in fact symbolic links. I don't
remember exactly what were my problems, though.

Hope this helps you.

In our previous episode, Yotam Aviv said:

> I have been reading documentation and compiling projects for a long time
> now and still don't know if libwww can prove FTP functionality for my
> app.  Can it?