Using wwwlib for FTP?

Libwww users,

I have been studying the wwwlib documentation for a solid day now and am
hoping to get some help.

I need to get some basic FTP functionality for my app (upload, download,
perform "ls", etc...)  Almost none of the code I've tried to compile has
linked and even less has done anything meaningfull.

I realize that I need to do something like:
    HTProfile_newPreemptiveClient("TestApp", "1.0");

Form a request that specifies what I want, my username, password,
    (I don't know how)

And then, call something liek this:
    HTLoadToFile(url, request, filename);

Any guidance here would be appreciated.  I could use working samples,
tips, pointers to more documentation, etc....

Yotam Aviv.