Re: register Timeout cbf 5.1a

On Sat, 19 Apr 1997, Martin Ostrowski wrote:

> At the First:
> My First impression from libwww 5.1 a is FAST ! very FAST!
> perhaps it is only an impression, but i have used 4.1 before and
> have very slowly connections with the same urls.

Well, thank you.

> Now my Problem:

There has to be at least one.

> I'm using libwww 5.1a on WIN NT 4.0 with MS VC++ 5.0.
> Everything works fine but i want to register my own timeout handler.
> My old app(using V 4.1) starts HTEventrg_registerTimeout to do this
> job,
> but in libwww 5.1a is no function like this.

The timer stuff has been seperated from the event loop. Please see 
HTTimer.html. You will mostly be interested in 
extern HTTimer * HTTimer_new (HTTimer *, HTTimerCallback *, 
		      void *, ms_t millis, BOOL relative);
which is used fairly extensively in the library. I don't remember testing 
the function for the case where relative is false, but if you stick to 
relative timeouts, it should suite you well. 

> I've found the declaration of HTEventList_registerTimeout in
> HTEvtLst.h,
> but its only declared...

Oops, looks like that shouldn't be in the HTEvtLst header.