Greetings and a question

HELO spoken here,

I am new to the mailing list, so please excuse me if this is a lame question.

I have been experimenting with libwww with fairly good results. I have
a C++ class called Connection which basically takes care of retrieving 
a remote URL into a local file.

Now I want to attach a decent timeout handler to the implementation, for 
situations when the remote host cannot be connected, found etc. I tried
registering a member of the Connection class using its full signature 
as I would with Motif, i.e. &Connection::Timeout, but somehow it seems that
it never really gets called.

The program will be called as a CGI program, which means that I want to
make sure that there are no dangling connections & processes left if 
something goes wrong. What might be all the possible error situations that I
should cover?

Thanks a lot in advance,

Sami Lempinen