Re: diffs for w3c-libwww-5.0a.tar.gz

Hello Steffen,

Thanks for mailing this diff list. It's something I should have done
long time ago.

Some comments on the use of these diffs are necessary. First, there's
a new version of libwww out there (5.1 still reserved to members during two
more weeks or so). Some of the patches here below don't apply anymore
to it. Secondly, some of these patches were not bug corrections, but
Amaya integration enhancements. Mostly, this comment applies to functions
whose visibility changed from private to public.

From the list you gave, here are the files which I consider that need
to be patched for libwww5.0a:

	HTAssoc.c (don't remember having made this patch!)
	HTEvntrg.c (except for the priv to public transformations)

The patches I applied to the following files allows the application
to define an Accept header. If you're not interested in this feature
and prefer to use the default Accept: */*, don't apply them:


Hope this helps!