ChildAnchor in custom HText module question

I'm having trouble tracking down a problem with a custom HText module 
I've created, using the standard HTML parser. Specifically, I don't 
understand how to obtain the address of a ChildAnchor with an absolute 

The test HTML file contains the following line:

     <A HREF="http://www.w3.org"> W3 </A>

When my custom HText_beginAnchor function is called, I call 
HTAnchor_address(anc) to get the address of the provided anchor. 
Unfortunately, the result is the address of the base file, rather than 
the address of the anchor.

I traced the program flow into HTML_start_element, and I can see that the 
href address is parsed correctly, but I am not clear on how the href 
address is attached to the new ChildAnchor, since the ChildAnchor tag 
field is unused.

When I call HTAnchor_address(anc), it returns the address of the *parent* 
since the new ChildAnchor has no tag. Is this right?

If anyone who understands ChildAnchors could comment, I would appreciate 

Humayun Lari

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