Re: compiling Libwww with MSVC++

At 06:22 PM 1/26/97 +0100, Gunnar R|nning wrote:
>Rob DeMillo <demillo@avs.com> said:
>> Anyway, what I wound up doing was increasing the size of
>> the input cache buffer, using the www library for source
>> input, and then I write the cache buffer to disk by 
>> hand using fwrite().
>> I hope this helps you from spending time chasing down the 
>> wrong solution.
>Do you have a patch that implements this ?

Not really, because it is implementation specific. In
other words: its a serious hack.

>Could this patch fix problems with other platforms as well ? I seem to get
>rather random errors under SunOS, Linux and Win95, while NT 4.0 won't work
>at all. 

I can't speak to that...I've only seen the problem under
NT 3.51/4.0 and Win95. We do have implementation on UNIX
platforms as well, and so I just migrated my changes. I find
it hard to believe that it would work properly under UNIX
either...it may not SEGV or do anything else radical, but
I doubt it works properly...

- Rob


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