re: drive letter in file name

We're revising and updating RFC 1738 and RFC 1808 to merge the generic
syntax and converge the (currently different) BNF for URLs and
relative URLs; this is 


along the way, we've split out all of the old URL schemes into
separate drafts that are intended to move their own speed along
standards track. So far, there's only

and soon to be

but we need someone to author/edit "gopher", "news/nntp" (since
current practice is to ignore "nttp" and just do "news"), "telnet",
"file". I am sure that "prospero" is obsolete, and think it is likely
that "wais" is too.

>Furthermore, it appears that Microsoft and Netscape have different
>syntax for dealing with this.  Is there a convention for this, and
>corresponding code?
>(Of course, this problem didn't show up on my UNIX system.  It's that
>other $&*#)_%$$$!!* delivery platform that requires it.)

This is why we need standards. One way to get standards is to write a
proposal and get the vendors to agree to it.

Are there any volunteers to edit the RFC for the "file" URL scheme?