RE: fwrite() failure in libwww

> In the case that libwww is a DLL, the
> correct C runtime library you should link is the Multithreaded DLL
> (MSVCRT.LIB). This will let your application to read/write a file
> descriptor that is opened in the libwww.dll. In MSVC studio, you can
> choose MSVCRT.LIB by go to Build-Settings-C/C++/Category=Code
> Generation. Make sure both libwww and your app are liked to MSVCRT.LIB. 

Yup, this is the solution.  I did as you suggest and the fwrite() calls succeed.
Thanks !!

The original problem as reported by an earlier contributor:

> > > > After 3/4ths of a day of monkeying around, I have
> > > > come to the conclusion that the contents of
> > > > the original file pointer opened up by HTLoadToFile() gets
> > > > whacked somewhere along the way. Any other function that tries to
> > > > access that file pointer (such as fwrite() in HTFWriter_write()
> > > > or fflush() in HTFWriter_flush()) causes the program
> > > > to crash...although I cannot find where this is happening.

     - GL