RE: HTDoConnect() failure

> > I ran into this problem yesterday, I tracked it down to the fact that my program
> > did not call HTEventInit() in the library, so it never called WSAStartup().  
> > I added WSAStartup() by hand to my application and then everything worked.
> > I haven't tracked down all the architectural subtleties yet of why this is so.
> > But it works...
> There is a trade-off between keeping the event model modular, having the
> app initialize and call it, and keeping the library interface as simple as
> possible, having the library initialize it. We chose the latter. If you
> don't call the regular library initialization profiles, you must
> initialize the event model yourself. 

The distribution example, Libapp_4 calls HTProfile_newPreemptiveClient().
If one calls HTProfile_newPreemptiveClient() instead of HTProfile_newClient(),
then HTEventInit() is not called, and so WSAStartup() is not called.

      - GL