Re: fwrite() failure in libwww

Hi folks.

Wow. 2 months of silence, and then zillions of responses.

I sent out a response to Gordon Lee this morning, and I 
neglected to include everyone else. Here it is in its 
entirety....hope this answers everyone's questions...

- Rob

>Date: Fri, 20 Dec 1996 10:06:54 -0500
>To: Gordon J Lee <GordonL@world.std.com>
>From: Rob DeMillo <demillo@tiac.net>
>Subject: Re: fwrite() failure in libwww
>At 06:37 PM 12/19/96 -0500, you wrote:
>>Hi, Did you ever solve this problem ?
>>I am suffering from exactly the same problem.
>>I realize that you posted this two months ago, but there was
>>no followup to the issue in the libwww archive.
>Well...yes and no.
>I know exactly why it is failing inside of the WWW library,
>and I don't believe it will ever work without an extensive
>redesign of their internal data structures. They are using
>the same data structure for input that they use for output,
>and merely union the structure for each protocol. Naturally,
>the input takes precedence over the output and wipes out the
>contents of the structure.
>What I did instead was to increase the buffer size for a
>chunk from 16K to 10Meg, and then manually squirt the entire
>chunk out to a local file after I receive it. It's a hack, but
>it works...
>- Rob

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