Re: HTDoConnect() failure

> I ran into this problem yesterday, I tracked it down to the fact that my program
> did not call HTEventInit() in the library, so it never called WSAStartup().  
> I added WSAStartup() by hand to my application and then everything worked.
> I haven't tracked down all the architectural subtleties yet of why this is so.
> But it works...

There is a trade-off between keeping the event model modular, having the
app initialize and call it, and keeping the library interface as simple as
possible, having the library initialize it. We chose the latter. If you
don't call the regular library initialization profiles, you must
initialize the event model yourself. This initialization installs the
HTEventrg register and unregister and the library's register and
unregister functions. It also, in _WINSOCKAPI_, calls WSAStartup and, in
WWW_WIN_ASYNC, creates an event windos for WSAAsyncSelect calls.