fwrite() failure in libwww

Hi, Did you ever solve this problem ?
I am suffering from exactly the same problem.

I realize that you posted this two months ago, but there was
no followup to the issue in the libwww archive.

> My current environment is Windows NT 4.0 Workstation,
> usng the MS VC++ 4.2 compiler. I have the latest
> 5.0 library release: 5.0a. It built without (almost)
> a hitch.
> I have a simple chunk of source code (included at the 
> end of this message) that wants to 
> open up the document at an URL and dump the contents
> to a file. Its based on one of the "simple examples"
> on the W3C page, and uses the nice little HTLoadToFile()
> function.
> After 3/4ths of a day of monkeying around, I have
> come to the conclusion that the contents of
> the original file pointer opened up by HTLoadToFile() gets 
> whacked somewhere along the way. Any other function that tries to 
> access that file pointer (such as fwrite() in HTFWriter_write()
> or fflush() in HTFWriter_flush()) causes the program 
> to crash...although I cannot find where this is happening. 
> Any pointers (pun intended) that could be passed my way 
> would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance.
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