HTDoConnect() failure

I ran into this problem yesterday, I tracked it down to the fact that my program
did not call HTEventInit() in the library, so it never called WSAStartup().  
I added WSAStartup() by hand to my application and then everything worked.
I haven't tracked down all the architectural subtleties yet of why this is so.
But it works...

> I have been trying to use non-blocking sockets with no luck.  I am
> compiling the library code using: WIN32,_WINDOWS,WWW_WIN_DLL.  I am also
> setting the Preemptive mode to the protocols and requests to FALSE ie.
> non-preemptive.  Following the code I observe that sockets are being
> created and set to non-blocking thru the use of 'ioctlsocket'.
> The problem comes up in HTDoConnect, where 'connect' first comes back
> with a status of WOULDBLOCK and then on the second pass, after the
> socket was signaled as ready, comes back with WSAEINVAL.  This error, I
> have found to have to explanations: 1) not enough memory, 2) socket is
> not bound.  I have tried binding the socket after creation and tried
> thru setsockopt to increase the receive buffer size.  Nothing helped.
> Am I doing anything wrong??
> I appreciate any help.
> Nick (nathanas@tiac.net)