Re: (?) Multiple concurrent requests for the same anchor.

In your message from [Tue, 17 Dec 1996 14:58:57 +0300 (MSK)] you wrote:
: > 	HTRequest_setReloadMode(obj->request, HT_CACHE_FLUSH);
: [...]
: > Hopefully, that CACHE_FLUSH disables the check for anchor document in
: > memory cache filter when I really want to start a new load operation.
:                                                     ^^^^^^^^
:    This is the main problem.
:    And I want to get informed in some way, if the anchor is currently being
:  loaded (a request for the anchor has been issued, but not finished yet).
:  If this is the case, starting a new load (and even reload) operation
:  would be unreasonable --- the document which is currently being loaded
:  is fresh and that's why it's the best variant.

 We do shuch a thing with libwww 5.0a in the cineast browser. We have
 there a class called "RequestManager" which keeps track of the current
 running requests (i.e. ansynchronosly loading requests). whenever a
 new request is announced it checks whether this anchor is currently
 being obtained. If so, that latter request "joins" the earlier request.
 whenever data (or eof or an exception) arrives all parties of a joined requests
 can be informed.

 We do this in MIT OTcl, keeping associative array is very simple there.

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