(?) Multiple concurrent requests for the same anchor.

> My question is whether there is some standard way to find out if the
> given anchor is already being loaded (there is a request for it)?
> If someone issues a request for the anchor, which is already being
> loaded, it will duplicate the loading and so on...

I *am* using the document (HTAnchor_setDocument) for this purpose.

> ... Memory cache before filter
> (HTMemoryCacheFilter) checks if the anchor has (non NULL) document in it,
> and uses this as a sign of the anchor already has been requested and
> loaded, ...

Maybe I am just lucky and my application works with current library
(5.0a) and breaks with the next version, or perhaps the following
piece of code (copied from some examples) helps me?

	HTRequest_setReloadMode(obj->request, HT_CACHE_FLUSH);
	if (!HTLoadAnchor((HTAnchor *)obj->anchor, obj->request))

Hopefully, that CACHE_FLUSH disables the check for anchor document in
memory cache filter when I really want to start a new load operation.

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