(?) Multiple concurrent requests for the same anchor.


   My question is whether there is some standard way to find out
 if the given anchor is already being loaded (there is a request for it)?
 If someone issues a request for the anchor, which is already being loaded,
 it will duplicate the loading and so on...

   HTParentAnchor strcuture appears to have no member for this purpose,
 nor there is such a function in Anchor class. Memory cache before filter
 (HTMemoryCacheFilter) checks if the anchor has (non NULL) document in it,
 and uses this as a sign of the anchor already has been requested and loaded,
 so this can't be used by application to mark an anchor as being requested
 (if else HTMemory CacheFilter will return HT_LOADED and the document
 will not be actually got). But if the anchor has no content (document),
 an application cannot place any application specific information in it.
 Then how must it mark (or find out using WWW library API) an anchor as
 being already requested (some kind of anchor request locking)?

    Please, answer me. You can just say ``Yes'' or ``No''.
 (``yes, such standard way exists'' vs ``no, this is an application business
    to maintain such info'').

    Thank You very much.

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