RE: <Question> User-Agent

Unfortunately, many web developers recognize the fact that both MS and Netscape for example deal with HTML tags differently. For this reason, many web sites are developed to first check on the browser accessing the site and build output HTML according to browser's capabilities..

I know this is a problem for what you are doing, but thuis is the real world.

If you are persistent to crack the problem and are only interested in getting consistent data, you can fool the web site into thinking that you are a broswer of a particular type.. You do this in the http header that you send the server.. 

Hope this helps.
Steve Barnes :{) 

From: 	Thanh Nguyen[SMTP:thnguyen@Adobe.COM]
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Subject: 	<Question>  User-Agent 


I have an app that can download contents from the web.  I've noticed that
for some sites, I recieve different HTML source files as it would in
Netscape or Internet Explore.

My guess is that somehow the server which I request the contents from sends
different file to its clients depending on the name of the User-Agent.

I wonder if this is true.  If this is the case, what the User-Agent should
I use to recieve the same HTML file as in Netscape or Internet Explore.

Any feed back is greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

Thanh Nguyen