Re: Question on Posting a huge file and its limits.

On Tue, 26 Nov 1996, Burjiz Pithawala wrote:

> Hello Jose,
>   I am sure I want to do a POST as PUT is not supported by the 
> Apache Server I am using. The Server machine has enough memory to 
> accept a 6-10 MB file. 
> [ ... remainder of message about posting to Jigsaw deleted ... ]

This is very definitely off topic, but the current version of the
Apache server (1.1.1) can indeed be taught to handle a PUT transaction

Briefly, the trick is to do the following:

-	In "srm.conf", add a line like this:

	Script  PUT  /cgi-bin/PUT

-	Create an executable script called PUT in your cgi-bin
	directory that copies the file to the right place.  You
	get access to all the standard CGI environment variables,
	so the guts of the copy can be something like this:


-	Your script should also format HTML output acknowledging
	that the PUT operation completed, reports any error,
	or whatever.

Further details, and download information, is at www.apache.org.  You
can EMAIL me offline (at crm@dat.com) if you have any further questions
about this procedure.