Re: Question on Posting a huge file and its limits.

Hello Burjiz,
> Hello Folks,
>   I am using w3c-libwww-5.0a and tcl and am trying to POST a file of 6 MB to 
> a server.  Here is the code and the error I get :

Are you sure it a POST you want to make and not a PUT?

I'm not looking at w3c-libwww-5.0a right now, but I seem to remember
that files are first copied into the client's host memory, and then
sent over the network.

> The file size is 6199634. Is this the expected behaviour. My understanding was
> that POST had no limit on its contents. Please correct me if I am wrong.

I've used it succesfully to PUT a 3 Mb file, from a computer having
64M RAM. I have not tried a 6 Mb file, but it should work ok.

Here's the command line I used:

./w3c -v -put -dest http://myserver/filename/ input-file-name

(the -v is the verbose option, so you can see what's happening).

I would advice you to see if it's a POST or a PUT you want to make, then
verify your server can accept a 6 Mb file. Finally verify your script.

If you want to make a PUT, it's very easy to convert your POST script
to a PUT one. I can give you the URL to the PUT script I currently
use, if you want so.

Best greetings,