Question on Posting a huge file and its limits.

Hello Folks,

  I am using w3c-libwww-5.0a and tcl and am trying to POST a file of 6 MB to 
a server.  Here is the code and the error I get :

set DEST_FILE "somefile"

set Message [exec cat $DEST_FILE]

set DEST_URL "http://someserver/cgi-bin/somescript.tcl"

set timeout 300

if [catch {spawn w3c -post -form $DEST_URL message=$Message} results] {
   ## Failed to start w3c.
    puts "Cannot start w3c"
    exit 1

The results I get is :

w3c: Arg list too long.

The file size is 6199634. Is this the expected behaviour. My understanding was
that POST had no limit on its contents. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Respond ASAP please.


Burjiz Pithawala
cisco Systems,
408 526 7279.