java support in libwww?

I haven't looked at libwww since 95; am intrigued about all the chatter about  
5.x.  But more specifically I would like to know if there are special  
features now to deal with Java on either the client or server side of any code  
one writes based on libwww?  (Sorry; haven't visited Java docs much so can't  
immediately answer my own question(s).)

FYI I'm having a discussion off-line with someone who has a OO browser and  
server development "kit" and we've been wondering if (1) libwww would fit  
"under" these classes and (2) how much trouble it would then be to have a  
Java-enabled browser built on top of libwww.

Feel free to volunteer your otherwise expensive consulting remarks. :)

Jennifer Woodward, SF
would-be academic web developer
...possibly unclear on the concept :)