post FAQ

I've compiled 5.0a and have the w3c command line tool working.
I'm trying to access a URL that executes a cgi-bin routine
when you fill in three fields of a form using a typical forms-capable

I'm brand-new to this (obviously) and can't find much guidance in the
documentation.  I've found some hints in the www-lib archives...
Here's what the HTML for the form page looks like

<p><form METHOD="Post" ACTION="cgi-bin/resinq.exe"></p>
Date:  <input TYPE="TEXT" NAME="date" SIZE=11>  Enter date in MM/DD/YY form
City: <input TYPE="TEXT" NAME="city" SIZE=6>       Enter standard two or three city code
Temp:  <input TYPE="TEXT" NAME="temperature" SIZE=5>        Enter high/low

<p><input Type="submit" VALUE="Submit"> 

From what I've read, I think I can use w3c's -post option to (in effect)
submit the filled-in form request?  If I'm right about this, can someone
give me pointers to examples wherein:

  a)  the post argument is read from a file
  b)  the post argument is generated inside a hacked version of w3c and
      held in a char array or some such thing


P.S.  I'm aware that w3c terminate_handler() has a Cleanup() function
call that needs to be commented out if the w3c client is to receive
the response from the server's cgi-bin...